Synthetic and Hybrid Football Fields10 Year Guarantee SportsWorx

  • Performance like natural grass
  • Consistent, high performance playing conditions
  • Greater longevity than natural fields
  • Increased hours of field usage
  • Perfect for indoor stadiums where natural grass is impossible to grow
  • Optimal ball behaviour and foot interaction
  • Highly resilient fibres and easy maintenance

Throughout the world, Football is embracing the change away from natural grass to synthetic turf as players and coaches welcome the benefits that synthetic turfs provide including but not limited to smoother surfaces, predictable ball roll and all year round playing conditions.

STSFNZ artificial turf manufacturer has over 160 certified installations of football fields in six continents. The Synthetic turfs have been widely adopted by top football clubs such as championship-winning Chelsea and used in tournaments such as the Homeless World Cup, FIFA U-17 World Cup and the FIFA U-20 World Cup.

Through our partnership with ACT Global – We have a range of Football turfs to choose from which complies with FIFA specifications.

Our Synthetic Football pitches are designed to replicate the best natural grass fields, requiring less maintenance than any natural turf.

STSFNZ  Football DX T60

STSFNZ  Football DF65

STSFNZ Football DF65

STSFNZ  Football SX F42

STSFNZ  Football WX D50

STSFNZ  Football XT D50

New Hybrid

Two New Hybrid Turfs which include STSFNZ Hybrid Extreme Turf & STSFNZ PowerGrass Hybrid Turf

STSFNZ  Xtreme  Hybrid Turf 

STSFNZ  Xtreme  Hybrid Turf 

STSFNZ  Powergrass Hybrid Turf 

STSFNZ Powergrass Hybrid Turf 

Non In-fill Turfs


STSFNZ  Supreme NFF35

All of our work is backed by a 10 Year Full Replacement Warranty

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All of our work is backed by a 10 Year Full Replacement Warranty