Synthetic & Hybrid Rugby Fields10 Year Guarantee SportsWorx

  • Performance like natural grass
  • Consistent, high performance playing conditions
  • Greater longevity than natural fields
  • Increased hours of field usage
  • Perfect for indoor stadiums where natural grass is impossible to grow
  • Optimal ball behaviour and foot interaction
  • Highly resilient fibres and easy maintenance

Rugby is a tough, high impact and full-contact sport. Players need a surface which can withstand intense use, enhance performance and provide a safe surface on impact.

We understand what it takes to produce a world-class system for all levels of play. Our Xtreme Turf rugby systems combine the most durable, skin-friendly yarns, top-quality construction, and proven pad and infill systems to deliver rugby performance and resilience preferred by players around the world.

Our Synthetic Rugby pitches are designed to replicate the best natural grass fields, requiring less maintenance than any natural turf.

As an IRB/ World Rugby Preferred Supplier, we have installed some of the most advanced Rugby Fields throughout New Zealand, Australia, Pacific Islands, Europe and the Middle East.

Our synthetic rugby turfs have been known to improve players safety in terms of impact and freedom of movement. This allows players to perform their full range of skills using normal footwear as they would on natural grass.


STSFNZ  Rugby DF65

STSFNZ  Rugby SX F40

STSFNZ  Rugby SX F42

STSFNZ  Rugby WX D50

STSFNZ  Rugby XT D50

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Non-Infill Turfs

All of our work is backed by a 10 Year Full Replacement Warranty

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All of our work is backed by a 10 Year Full Replacement Warranty